Why Custom Countertops of Natural Stone Are a Great Investment

Custom Natural Stone Countertops
Custom Countertops: the Difference between Fantastic and Mediocre
The importance of picking the right countertops for a kitchen or bathroom can make the difference between an upgrade that is truly fantastic and one that is mediocre at best. Whether the goal is to upgrade a bathroom or kitchen for the homeowners, to increase the value of the home or if the object is to make a home more desirable to potential buyers, picking the right kind of countertop is very important. Countertops now come in a variety of materials from tile, laminate, wood and stainless steel to marble, quartz and granite. Each of the various materials has advantages and disadvantages. However, natural stone options typically provide more benefits and advantages than the other options and are well worth the investment.
A Variety of Price Points
Granite countertops are a natural stone product that combines luxury, functionality, very long life, low maintenance and beauty. Granite is commonly believed to be too expensive though compared to other options, but in truth, this is not or does not need to be the case. Granite, like all products comes in a variety of price points, and while getting the latest and greatest, with unique and custom edges or sizing will quickly add up, the other options include clearance, reduced, sales or other options that can bring the cost of granite down significantly to a point where it is more affordable than other options.

Custom Countertops Are a Unique Investment

However, with any product, the amount you spend now should not be the main consideration when making the final buying decision. The price upfront should be considered over the life of the product. For example, a countertop with an average life of 10 years costing $1,000 compared to a countertop with the average life of 30 years for $2,500, corrected to amortize it over the years shows countertop one is $100 per year, whereas countertop two is $83 per year.
Every granite countertop is unique and the patterns of swirls, veins, flecks and depths can never be duplicated. This makes each countertop unique and special. Granite is also a great choice for increasing the value of a home and improving appeal to potential buyers. Granite retains its value very well and the right one can even increase the value more than the countertop costs. This is because even after decades of use, granite retains its pristine condition if properly maintained.
Other benefits of granite are:
  • Heat resistance
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to maintain when sealed annually
  • Easily repaired if chipped
  • Can be fashioned to any shape
  • Incredibly strong, will not scratch even with a knife – only quartz and diamond are stronger
  • Cool to the touch
Marble countertops offer another great option for bathrooms but are not ideal for kitchens. Marble, like granite offers several key benefits, which sets it apart from the alternatives and retains its value equally well. Marble is stunning and can truly complete a room. It also provides nearly the same heat resistance as granite does, which is important. Too many surfaces do not offer heat resistance, and in a place with toasters, ovens, coffee machines and other heat sources, this is perhaps one of the most overlooked and crucial benefits. Marble is best for bathrooms and other applications, and most do not recommend it for kitchens, however if properly cared for it can be done.
No matter the project, whether it is a bathroom, kitchen, bar, backsplash, fireplace or any other application, custom countertops made from natural stone are an ideal investment for a homeowner.